This Directory has been designed and implemented in an effort to strengthen the capacity of Minnesota’s oral health care system to better meet the oral health needs of the state’s population. Our goal is to provide a tool for public health organizations, clinics, and individuals in need of dental clinics that accept public insurance or no insurance.

We wish this directory was not needed, unfortunately there are some problems with the oral health care delivery system in Minnesota.

  • 47 percent of dentists are 55 years or older, and practicing in rural regions of the state where new dentists are least likely to practice.
  • Minnesota has a lower ratio of dentists per 100,000 population compared to the nation.
  • Minnesota currently ranks last, 50th of the 50 states, for Medicaid payment rate for pediatric dental services.
  • For adult dental care payment rates, Minnesota is the 4th worst state in the country.

Because of the dental professional shortages and low payment rate, many dental clinics cannot afford to serve low-income patients. These all contribute to our state’s access crisis where low-income patients cannot get the prevention and treatment they need.

The Oral Health Directory is a project of the Minnesota Oral Health Coalition, but would not be possible without the following: George Cartwright, Jane Neubauer, Cathy Jo Gunvalson, Erica Lundberg, Connie Bye, Cris Gilb, Katie Verchota, Melissa Turner Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation, and the Otto Bremer Trust.